Will Smith took a back-handed slap at a reporter who got a little too close to his mouth when he was greeted at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III. Smith gave the man a light shove, a slap on the cheek and said "What the hell's your problem man?"

The reporter according to Entertainment Weekly is Vitalii Sediuk who appears to be Moscow's version of Sacha Baron Cohen. He played a prank on Madonna, giving her Hydrangeas which she "loathes" at last year's Venice Film Festival. Looks like he got the reaction he was hoping for from the Fresh Prince.

"This joker, He's lucky I ain't sucker punched him in the mouth," Smith is heard saying. Despite the altercation, it appears as if Smith tried to keep his cool and jovial facade.

Got to wonder, hasn't this dude seen Ali? Or the way he bitch slaps in the alien in Independence Day? Based on this video, the alien ain't got no worries.