Last year, Verizon Wireless decided to charge extra for using more than 2 GB's of data on your smart phone. Luckily, I was grandfathered into the unlimited data plan and wasn't affected. That's about to change as Verizon  begins converting grandfathered users into the more expensive alternative once they upgrade their phones.I use my smart phone everyday. It's a great tool to keep up with the hundreds of emails I get for work, and working in the media I use it to easily post to Facebook and Twitter from wherever I am. I also stream music from the Internet for hours (mostly Jack FM). But while convenient, I could live without it. Especially if they decide to move me into the more expensive alternative. Smart phone owners use on average 4.6 GB's of data, that could make for one monstrous bill depending on how the new policy is tiered.

Even though most of the smart phone usage I have is related to work (the rest is related to porn), my company isn't about to foot the bill. Smartphones are exploding, but what are you willing to pay to stay connected? I already have Internet at work and at home and feel as if I am giving plenty of money to Verizon already with my phone, Internet and cable. It's a classic example of corporate greed and I hope it bites them in the ass.

Statistics show that even though wireless companies are charging more, we're still paying it. Why? More Americans are using their smart phones and competition should be fierce. That means we should pay less!

Verizon's not alone with this policy, so consumers need to demand data consumption at a reasonable price. Right now Sprint is the only wireless company that still offers an unlimited plan, and who knows how long that will last.

By taking away the grandfathered data plan, Verizon is guilty of management by spreadsheet. We had a deal, and they broke it. But experts say this is the end of unlimted. Don't be surprised if they come for your home and Internet plans next.

Well I've had enough. If data plans don't come down? Oh well, I don't need Angry Birds. Guess I'll have to go back to using my phone for talking. Don't know how I'm gonna get the porn though?