Meet Tardar Sauce, the latest explosion of adorableness on the Internet. She goes by “Tard” and will brighten your day even if her mood may not have that intention (although if you named me Tard, I wouldn't be smiling either). If you haven't seen her yet, don't worry; someone has started a meme, so there will inevitably be much more to come.

But what a lot of people don't know is that “The Frown Cat” may actually have a few reasons to be frowning after all. According to the original Reddit poster and son of Tard’s owner, the cranky feline was adopted as a kitten with her brother, Pokey, who appears to be in a slightly better mood. He stated that Tard suffers from multiple genetic defects, such as dwarfism, which is likely due to careless inbreeding.  He also mentioned that Tard is very slow, has a strange meow and that her legs don't work well, which often causes her to fall over.

A commenter at Pawnation believes Tard’s breed to be Snowshoe Siamese. Here’s a picture of what a Snowshoe Siamese is supposed to look like. While Tard may not look exactly like that, she definitely has her own brand of beauty going for her.

However, despite few genetic difficulties, Tard is actually a very pleasant, healthy girl. She lives with a kind family who takes great care of her and is now one of the most loved faces on the Internet. I literally get chest pains from cute overload while watching this video. How could you deny this face anything?!