What more could men ask for beautiful women being showcased all night long! All you have to do is mute it and add your own soundtrack... Ok, Ok, Some of these ladies sound like they really know what they are talking about, at times.

Last night's winner, Alyssa Campanella of Los Angeles, California, had to answer the highly debated question, if we should legalize marijuana... (This should be good). Her response was along the lines of "Medicinal marijuana is Ok, and good for those who need it. But legalizing it completely would not help the economy, or stop drug wars..." So as long as you have a cheesy ailment, you can get the hook up. Don't get me wrong I know there are people who it benefits, but I have read that it is not to difficult to get a prescription. Anyway good answer!

Aparently, this win for Miss. California means she will represent the United States in the Miss. Universe pageant! Oh yes boys, get out your popcorn there is a whole Universe.

Miss. California's response to legalizing marijuana!