Yesterday (September 18), Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills officially unveiled his new cereal "MariOs". We're  pretty sports crazy in this town, and we literally gobble  this type of stuff up.

It helps that Williams is donating the proceeds to Carly's Club to help kids diagnosed with cancer. Plus, there's a good chance your "MariOs" will have some sort of collector value down the line.

Now I've never actually tasted any of these sports related products, but is there any chance these honey-toasted oats actually taste as good as Cheerios? And of all the cereals dedicated to Bills players, which one is the best? I'm pretty sure that T'Os leave a bitter taste in your mouth, and Flutie Flakes come up a little short. So I'm guessing MariOs will either sack the competition or be a total waste of money.

One things for sure: Flutie and Owens proved that they didn't belong in a bowl. Here's hoping Super Mario changes that.