As you all probably know by now, today’s Bills game is blacked out. While I appreciate the Bills management not buying out the game because it lowers the value of the season ticket holders’ price (even though I think that’s a B.S. excuse), I think they’re screwing themselves. 

Of course, I never got the whole blackout concept. If I’m not going to pay to watch the team struggle live, you’re going to punish me by taking away my TV rights? Oh no. Please. Don’t. (P.S. Aren’t we in a recession? Way to make people down on their luck feel better, Ralph.)

And if they think that the blackout will make 12,000 people run down to the stadium when there’s a ton of things to do, they are sadly mistaken. (And they’re going to be in even more of a pickle for the Christmas Eve day game. As of this entry, there are still 24,800 tickets remaining.)

The thing is, the blackout rule has never worked. And during the busy holiday season, I’m sure there’s a ton of other things we can do with our time. That’s why I’ve made the following list of things you can do Sunday:

1. Get your Christmas tree and decorate it
2. Learn a new trick to debut at your holiday parties
3. Go tailgate then skip the game, go home and pass out (make sure you have a DD!)
4. Make cookies (and send some to me)
5. Protest the slaughtering of horses in the United States
6. Go to the movies. After all, Breaking Dawn is still playing.
7. Make it a B-B-B day: beer, bowling and bad food
8. Spend quality time with your significant other, taking them from store to store, pointing out everything you want this holiday season
9. Adopt a puppy. Or a kitten.
10. Watch a different football game

Please remember that participating in these or any events besides the game does not make you a crappy Bills fan.

Go Bills.