As reported here, Tico Torres, drummer for Bon Jovi is sick again and off the tour until further notice.

The band will get a hired hand to play while they fill in the scheduled dates, but who could fill Tico's shoes if he has to retire from the road full time?

Part of the problem will be the rate of pay.

Unlike many bands, who's drummer is a major player and has song writing credit, Jon Bongiovi has always treated the rest of the band as employees.

He pays Tico a good sum, but nothing compared to what he could make if he had a hand in the publishing.

Keep an eye on this, as Bon Jovi can't afford to have anyone else leave the band.

First went bassist Alec John Such years ago.

Then, Richie said bye bye this year, no word if he'll be back.

Now, Tico is looking like another member who might have to hang it up.

Here's an idea, Jon can leave the band and they can re-name it Brian Jovi.

..That's a David Brain joke, he plays Keyboards for the band...never mind.