You’re probably thinking, “Court? Fountains? Huh?” Yes, indeed -- Lincoln Parkway was a very different place in 1901, due to, as it is widely known, the Pan-Am Exposition.

The corner of Lincoln Parkway and Amherst Street was home to the Court of Fountains, a focal point of the 350-acre fair. Admittance to the third World’s Fair cost 25 cents (about $7 today) and attracted 8 million people.

Wikimedia Commons

Today, that corner is fairly quaint and quiet, with a small exception given to recent construction of the Frederick Law Olmsted School (no complaints, just sayin’). Check out the photo of the Court of Fountains in 1901, then next time you drive by Lincoln and Amherst, imagine pretty ladies wearing full skirts and holding parasails walking about.

Library of Congress National Archives