Our listeners sure know where. Here are a few that were sent to us on our facebook page.

Dennis O'Sullivan
Every street in North Tonawanda.

Michael Faltyn
Kenmore Avenue between Engelwood and Niagara Falls Blvd !!!!!!

Ellen Feeney
South park ave!! Hah its a joke.

Jay Stellrecht
Between Chris Lees ears when he visits... Just sayin

Jason Majchrowicz
McKinley Mall Plaza behind Friendly's going towards Home Depot. It will take your front end out!

Ellen Feeney
Oh wait. Kmart parking lot on Walden. Hahaha. That's fun.

Melanie Cain
How about Sheridan Drive. Almost the HOLE way between Military and Niagara Falls BLVD. At least 1 every block on both sides of the street. And I agree with Dennis- every street in NT.

Michael Wing
I'm with Jay, between congressman lee's ears... What were you thinking...

Brandon Mathewson
Eden Evans Center Road