Blue Rootz is a six-piece original funk and soul band aspiring to make it in the music scene. We're trying to bring back the "rootz" of soul and funk, the feeling and raw emotion in music that you might have herd from the '50s to the '70s. Members include Chad Ricca on guitar and vocals, Justin Lackie on saxophone, Adam Tenabruso on drums, Joeseph Cheslak on trombone and vocals, David Schanbacher on keyboards and vocals and Joshua Karas on bass.

The genre we emulate is funk and soul. We also have influences such as blues, reggae,  jazz and rock. The sound we emulate is a vintage sound with a modern day feel.

We all have a huge list of influences. Any single musician that has ever moved us. Sold out shows to open mics are influences to us musically. Our major influences as a band are Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Blood Sweat and Tears, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, Bill Withers, Allman Brothers, The Beatles, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, Lettuce, Soul Live and many more.

Check out our music video for "Tired":

What is your favorite local venue and why?

The Willow Creek Winery was an awesome venue to play. It has an amazing stage, camping ground and mini bar, and there are wine slushies. The Tralf Music Hall was awesome for its stage and seating area. They also have a really cool backstage room. Colored Musicians Club was cool for its big band stage setup and how iconic it is. That alone makes it an honor to play there, knowing all the acts that have been there in the past.

What local bands do you look forward to playing with?

Slip Madigan, the B-Side Dubs, Modern Edge, Funktional Flow, MKGs!

What are the band's thoughts on the Mohawk Place shutting down?

The Mohawk Place is a very iconic place in the Buffalo scene. It is sad to hear about its possible ending as a venue. We as a band think that we should all get together and play a Save Mohawk Place Benefit  All the local bands could get together, play and hour each, make a door charge, and all money goes to Mohawk Place.

What is next for Blue Rootz? Where is your next show?

We are currently re-recording our first album, Electric Kitchen. Chad Ricca recorded, produced, wrote and mastered the first CD in his old apartment. We are now getting the CD recorded in a professional studio to have the best sound that we can get. We are also currently playing gigs as much as we can and writing new songs for our second album. We also met up with music manager Richard Radise, who has been in the business for 30 years. He really liked our sound and is planning a lot of good things for Blue Rootz. The next shows and venues we have coming up are Page's Paradise Island/The Cove, Club Infinity, and we're in the works for Niagara University, The Hamburg Raceway Casino, The Blue Heron Festival and Willow Creek Winery next summer, and plenty more.

Here is a video of us last summer at Willow Creek Winery.

You can find more info about Blue Rootz on Facebook and Reverb Nation!

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