This night only comes once a year – thank goodness. Not that I don’t love New Year’s Eve. I do. I love gathering with friends, drinking some bubbly and making resolutions that I know I’ll never keep. But I can’t help that notice that New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest holiday letdowns of the year.

Maybe because there’s so much hype surrounding it. Maybe because everyone and their brother thinks they can party like rock stars. Maybe because you stand in line half the night to either get a drink or go to the bathroom. Or maybe it’s because Hollywood makes this night out to be such an elegant, festive affair.

I have yet to experience a New Year’s celebration like the movies. There’s talk of “the party of the century” happening right here in Buffalo. But do you believe it will be like the movies? Or do you think that 4,000 people packed into recently renovated rooms just means long lines for drinks?

It seems like a perfect night for Hello Kitty pajamas.