"We-oo-e, I look just like Buddy Holly-" is what Jack has stuck in our heads this week as we anticipate the arrival of Weezer on Friday. We know everyone's in a food coma after spending the weekend at the Taste of Buffalo, but nothing will help you digest more then jamming at the Harbor. And don't be embarrassed if you can't fit into your jeans this week, we have a feeling you won't be the only one wearing elastic shorts.


Sublime’s Top 40 days are over, but these guys still know how to put on a great show. They’ll be kicking off the week at Artpark with Rome.


Lowest of the Low is the bee’s knees in Western New York and Canada. Considered to have one of the best albums in Canadian music’s history, they will draw a large crowd to Artpark. You don’t want to be the guy at work that “had other plans."

Seether is looking to bring a little grunge to the Harbor on Thursday. Expect a lot of head banging and try not to hurt yourself or spill your beer.


Weezer is kicking off the weekend at the Harbor on Friday. We won’t lie and say we’re not excited to sing along with lead singer River Cuomo to “Beverly Hills,” because honestly we’re squealing like a couple of teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert here at the studio. Four more days until we can show off our “I love River” t-shirts. And call into JACK FM at the top of every hour tomorrow and win Weezer tickets with the Jack FM ticket thingy.