I LOVE this time of the year!  It is summer time so that means the weather is gorgeous and you don’t have to bundle up on eight layers to go outside.  Another benefit of summer in Buffalo is we only have a few months to cram in as many festivals and activities as possible until winter rolls around.  If you’re looking for a few fun things this weekend here are a couple that are a definite MUST!

This weekend in North Buffalo is the Italian Heritage Festival.  Seriously even if you don’t have an ounce of Italian in you still check out this festival it is AWESOME!!  You’ll get a chance to take in the sights, sounds, food, and culture that make the Italian American experience so special.  This festival has so much going on you won’t even have a moment to sit.  First of all there is some of the best local entertainment playing this weekend, along with bocce tournaments, Miss Italian Festival, Italian Idol contest, and that’s just the beginning.  While you’re there make sure you check out the crafts for the kids and of course all of the amazing food!  The Buffalo Italian Heritage festival runs today and tomorrow between Colvin and Delaware in North Buffalo.

Another great activity that the family will love is the Wild Renn Fest at Hawk Creek Wildlife Center in East Aurora.  This event is super cool in my personal opinion.  At this event you’ll get a chance to witness live jousting on horseback, falconry and more!  Seriously how many places can you say you’ll see something like that at!  Along with that you’ll have the chance to check out the flying bird show, have wildlife encounters, and watch medieval reenactments.  This event has something for everyone of all ages.  It’s the Hawk Creek’s 25th Annual fundraiser.  Event parking is even free to this one!  It’s the Wild Renn Fest at the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center in East Aurora.

This weekend make sure you head over to the Olivencia Community Center in Buffalo for the Grease Pole Festival.  This one is will have something for the entire family!  Running all day today you’ll get the chance to join in on the celebration of all sorts of traditions!  You’ll get to experience traditional music, ethnic food, and even dancing.  This event is a celebration of the community and culture.  It’s the Grease Pole festival today at the Olivencia Community Center on Swan Street in Buffalo.