The Weather Channel just released their list of sports cities with the worst weather and surprise surprise, Buffalo was on the top of the list. Really? How many over educated meteorologist did it take to figure out that Buffalo has bad weather in the winter? Anyone who has ever been to a Bills game in December could have told you that.

Bad weather aside, Bills fans have come to embrace our climate misfortunes and party even harder as the temperature drops.

Maybe the Weather Channel should do another list titled "Most Dedicated Sports Fans" based on weather. How many Washington Redskin fans would show up for a game if they had 10" of snow on the ground or 40 mile per hour winds howling through their stadium? My guess is few and none.

Here are the top 5 on the list:

Buffalo - Score 85.9
Cleveland - Score 62.4
Pittsburgh - 56.3
Green Bay - 55.6
Kansas City - 52.8