We, The Drowned. is currently a solo endeavor. I, Jeordan Hill, play guitar, bass and piano, sing and conduct all programming and arrangements. Aside from that, I record, mix and master all of the work. I'm always looking to collaborate with other artists though.

I would describe We, The Drowned. as rock or ambient-rock. I like to create lush soundscapes and layer everything, so instead of hearing the lead guitar on the left side and the bass right in the middle, I like it to come at my listeners as one giant cohesive thing where everything is kind of everywhere at once. So, as much as I would just like to call it rock, it's a little more than that.

Growing up, I was a huge Smashing Pumpkins and Our Lady Peace fan, but of course in the '90s, you couldn't help but listen to bands like Oasis, Bjork and The Cranberries either, and I sort of always carried those bands along with me as I grew older. I definitely was swallowed up by the early-2000s hardcore/emo music from bands like Thursday, Boy's Night Out and Thrice. Those were really big for me.

Check out the video for "The Young Man & The Sea":

 What is your favorite local venue to play and why?

I think my favorite place to play in Buffalo right now is Mohawk Place. I've been to so many shows there and have been able to meet so many great people. It's a very small and grimy bar, but that's what I love about it. It reminds me of when I used to play basement shows when I was younger and you could be an inch from the audience. Mohawk Place is one of the few places in town where you could have seen bands like Mute Math, who sell out venues like the Town Ballroom, and have an intimate experience. I'd rather be able to have a conversation and a drink with any one of my fans first and foremost. But, unfortunately, Mohawk Place may not be here too much longer.

Where is your favorite local venue to attend a show? What was the best concert you’ve attended here in Buffalo?

Like I said, Mohawk Place is one of my go-to venues. And I think the best show/shows I've been to are the Every Time I Die X-mas shows. I've gone to them for the past five years and have a great time every time, and they've been at Mohawk Place about four times. It's the intimate experience that I'm all about, being able to shake everyone's hand and just hang out. The one year, I even met Keith and Jordan Buckley's mom, aunt and uncle! I find it funny, the people I meet at these kind of shows.

Here at Jack FM, we feel that Christmas steals the Thanksgiving spotlight. How do you feel about Christmas lights and shopping before Thanksgiving?

Here's my take on "Christmas In November": I feel like the early music, the lights, etc. really make us appreciate the holiday a lot less. I'm all for being festive, but where else does a society celebrate a holiday of gift giving for two months? There is a sliver of lunacy in the air, if you ask me. I'd rather have people contemplate less on the material side of the holiday and more on the "spending time with your family and having a nice dinner" side. I mean, come on, we're Buffalonians -- we love our food and our moms!

What's next for We, The Drowned.? Where are you performing next?

Well, I just released a new EP entitled The Young Man & The Sea, which is a concept/story record, available for free download. So I'm putting my efforts into promoting that digitally. I don't have any plans for touring at the moment, but I will be working on another EP to release this winter. Hopefully it will feature a number of great artists from Buffalo's amazing music community.

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