It's been nearly 30 years since the David Lee Roth version of Van Halen has graced a stage in Buffalo. That wait could be coming to an end now that the band has announced that they will tour in 2012, with the first tickets going on sale Jan. 10, 2012. No word yet on if there will be a Buffalo show, but we can guarantee that a DJ won't have to live in a van until they agree to play a show in Buffalo. If Van Halen decides to come, they've already made that decision. Plus, Jack FM DJ's have been living in a Van for the last 6 years and it hasn't made a difference.

The hype for a Van Halen show in Buffalo began Christmas weekend, when the band released a  posting on the band’s official Facebook page, and a mass e-mail with the subject line “The Future” directs fans to four YouTube videosposted three days ago on the band’s official channel. These clips feature Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen as well as David Lee Roth on-stage playing their instruments and generally having a party while studio versions of ‘Jump,’ ‘Panama’ and ‘Hot for Teacher’ play in the background.

Of course, being greedy so-and-sos, we were hoping to hear a little bit of the much-rumored new Van Halen album during one of these ads, but it seems they’re doling out the good news in small doses. In the meantime, you can check out our new album preview for all the information we do have on the new record.

No Buffalo date can be confirmed yet, but you can bet we’ll be keeping our eyes open, and letting you know all about it — well, as soon as we have our own tickets squared away. That’s fair, right?

Watch Van Halen’s 2012 Tour Announcement