Unless you’ve recently just landed on earth, you know that I cannot stand teams from Boston. My number one hated team of all time is, of course, the New England Patriots.

With these jerks taking the field against the Bills today, I thought what better way to kick-off the tailgating than with a top 10 list of reasons to hate the Patriots. (Sidebar: I could have easily kept all 10 centered around Tom Brady, but I’ll spare you that rant. Somewhat.)

The Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Patriots

  • 10

    The Bills play like they’re afraid of them.

    (Time to change that, boys!)

    Jim Rogash/Getty Images
  • 9

    Tom Brady’s Hair.

    Gail OskinGetty Images
  • 8

    They Treated Drew Bledsoe Like Crap

    Even though he helped get them to the top. Then Brady sold his soul to the devil and they left Drew in the gutter. (Love you, Drew!)

    Ezra Shaw /Getty Images
  • 7

    When He Doesn’t Get His Way,

    Tom Brady is the biggest crybaby of all time.

  • 6

    They Cheat.

    Anyone remember “Spygate”?

  • 5

    Tom Brady’s Uggs Commercial.

    Can I even wear my Uggs anymore? I’m just not sure.

  • 4

    Tedy Bruschi.

    Sure he had a stroke and then continued to play football, but did the broadcasters/producers really need to play “I Need a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler every time they showed his mug on TV?

  • 3

    Bill Belichick

    and his inability to wear anything but a hoodie.

    Elsa/Getty Images
  • 2

    The Media.

    Everyone loves to S the D of the entire team.

    Frank Micelotta/Getty Images
  • 1

    Tom Brady.

    ’Nuff said.

    Jim Rogash /Getty Images