Everybody's talking about Tom Brady's haircut. But is it really so bad? Well, maybe when he was sporting that Beiber look. But the worst haircut in sports history? Probably not. Here's our Top 5.

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    Dennis Rodman- Chicago Bulls

    "From pink to green to everything in between" best describes Rodman, who went through different haircuts like morning people do coffee. It was assured during his time in Chicago that fans would be wowed every game...just not because of his skills on display. Rodman was inducted into the basketball hall of fame, but even then he impressed with yet another new hair style.

    Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images
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    Chris Kaman- LA Clippers

    Chris Kaman could give his hair style, that he featured in 2006, it's own name. Kaman recently went for the crew cut look, but definitely decided to use some flair while playing for the Clippers and shocking the basketball world as the team would advance out of the first round.

    Lisa Blumenfield, Getty Images
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    Don King

    Have you ever wondered where Don King gets his haircut? Well we have.. And Jack's guess is he probably cuts it himself. And he probably does it without his glasses or mirrors around. There really are no words to describe King's hairdo..maybe we'll call it the donnie-do".

    Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
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    Mike Piazza- NY Mets

    Is that Beavis or Mike Piazza? Piazza definitely turned heads in 2001 when he decided to boldly dye his hair blond. Piazza did turn heads and draw attention, but not exactly the same as what he had imagined as the New York media ate up the story and took people's mind off of baseball for the time being until Piazza went back to his normal color.

    Ezra Shaw, Getty Images
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    Kirk Hinrich- Kansas

    Paul McCartney didn't play basketball..wait that's Spock..no it's Kirk Hinrich. Well at least Hinrich could always double in the movie industry if a Beatles or another Star Trek movie are in the works. Hinrich who has moved on from his college championship days at Kansas to the Atlanta Hawks, will never forget the signs that read "Where no man has gone before". The signs appeared in 2003 as Kansas played for the national championship against Syracuse.

    Craig Jones, Getty Images