Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! What better way to celebrate than listening to a band straight from Dublin, U2. Here are my five favorites from this fantastic band.

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    All Along the Watchtower [COVER]

    I found this version very recently and it’s quickly become one of my favorite renditions of the song. Of course there is the original Bob Dylan version, the classic Hendrix take on it, and even a more recent Dave Matthews Band cover. U2 is able to put their own signature spin on the song, as they are always seem to do. The video I have posted is interesting, you can see the Edge learning the chords to the song only moments before performing it on stage.

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    This is a song I’ve always been fond of, especially the live versions. It features one (can’t really avoid the pun here) of the Edge’s more bluesy guitar riffs which lasts throughout the song. Here’s a live version from 2005:

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    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    A song about Ireland itself, the lyrics describe the 1972 massacre of over 25 Irish civil rights protesters by the British Army. While U2 has written many political songs and have been vocally opinionated in that area, perhaps this is their strongest statement.

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    Where the Streets Have No Name

    The edge is famous for his guitar effects, specifically his delay pedal. A delay pedal is a essentially an echo-effect, and it helps shape U2’s signature sound. Guitar players everywhere wince at the thought of trying to recreate this sound, as it is nearly impossible. I myself have played guitar for quite a while, and after purchasing an echo effect and tweaking it for hours, I finally had some semblance of ‘Where the Streets Have No Name;’ it was one of my proudest days. Just thought I’d share that story because I’m sure I don’t need to explain this song being on my list.

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    Bad [LIVE]

    A song about allegedly about an addiction to heroin, I think the studio version is just okay; however, the Rattle & Hum version is out of this world. Add in the fact that in the concert they work in the Rolling Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday” and “Sympathy for the Devil” and you have one heck of song. It’s been my favorite of theirs ever since I first heard it. Maybe it will be a similar experience for you, here’s the version I talked about: