With the weather not expected to dip below the high 80's again this week, Western New Yorkers will have to find a way to keep cool. Worst of all is the return of that painful moment when you get up from your leather couch and notice you've left your skin behind. Here's 5 things you can do to beat the heat, besides burying yourself in an air conditioned bedroom with the shades down.

5. Go see a movie. We know, this isn't exactly time-honored summer tradition, but if you want to stay cool for a few hours nothing beats it. Almost all theaters are air-conditioned and have Slurpee's and cold drinks available. Take an afternoon out of the sun's rays and go see movie, like Harry Potter 12 or whatever they're on now, your skin will thank you later.

4. Go ice-skating. Once again, this might not have been on your summer itinerary, but we recommend it. For a small fee, you can enjoy an hour or two of public skating that's sure to keep you cool. If you skate well enough, you may even end up with a multi-million dollar contract from the Sabres the way they have been throwing money around lately.

3. Go swimming. Classic. Find a public pool, a neighbor's pool, or a stranger's pool. No matter which one you choose, it'll keep you cool, except for the whole breaking and entering thing, that may not. But seriously, unless you're one of those people who heats their pool to sauna-like temperatures, swimming  is a tried and true way to beat the heat in the summer.

2. Hit the beach. There aren't many ways to both deal with and enjoy the heat in Buffalo like making a trip down to one of the public shorelines along Lake Erie. That is, of course, if you don't mind the sight of steroid induced muscle on the guys who spend their time lifting, tanning, and doing laundry. The lake water's cool, and often the air temperature by the lake is lower than where you live. Grab your friends or family and hit the beach.

1. Go boating. Step one: find a boat/dingy/canoe/kayak/random floating device. Step two: make your way to the Niagara River or one of our beautiful lakes. Whether your going fishing, joy riding, or checking out a concert on the Erie Canal or Buffalo harbor, you're sure to have fun and keep cool at the same time. Just make sure you stay away from the falls, seriously, the current is strong, especially if you chose our "kayak" option. If you call the coast guard, you can even make your way to Canada and check out Sherkston or Crystal Beach. The possibilites are endless, well, we'd like to think so.

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat in Buffalo?

By the way, if you are looking to beat the heat TODAY stop by Airport Plaza Jewlers at 5 P.M. Jack will be there handing out some cold, frosty treats.