Let's face it – we love Mighty Taco, but there are some seriously good taco places that we would rather shove our face with if they were open at three in the morning too.

Although, no one will ever have the place in our hearts that Mighty Taco does, let's go over the top places in Buffalo to grab a taco and of course, because this is Buffalo, a drink.

  • Lloyd's Taco Factory

    502 Elmwood Ave
  • Deep South Taco

    291 Ellicott St, 1707 Hertel Ave and 6727 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221
  • Cantina Loco

    191 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY
  • La Divina Tacos

    2896 Delaware Avenue
  • Rocko's Tacos

    86 Lake Ave
  • ETS

    937 Elmwood Ave