On Friday, Nik Wallenda will give Niagara Falls a little popularity when he tight rope walks across the Falls. Luckily for us, ABC made what their calling the "Walk of the Century," a 3-hour long time slot to ensure that the only way we'll be able to get through the whole program is to get so drunk from the Nik Wallenda Drinking Game, his walk will look like that one time we were forced to walk the line outside the local bar. We only hope that the rest of world will be so drunk they won't remember if this event will go down as one of our top live television flops.

Two years ago, Ghost Hunters came to Buffalo to host a special live Halloween episode at the Buffalo Central Terminal. The hype surrounding the Ghost Hunters arrival really rose expectations of what would happen on Halloween night. While the cast was setting up for the big day, crew members said they had spotted a black shadowy figure that they believed to be Anthony Fedele, who bought the terminal in 1979 and loved the terminal so much he may never have left.  Well, on the Halloween special all but a few questionable shadows appeared which were definitely a result of the cameras. Here's a clip from the episode that should be re-titled " A Tour In The Dark Of Buffalo Central Terminal."


In 1986, Geraldo Rivera hosted 'The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults in which Rivera and historians claimed could have potential revealed large amounts of money and even bodies. It would have went down as the first time a body would have been found on live television. Instead the hype led to the show's major downfall. The vault had a couple empty bottles and small trinkets that weren't even worthy enough for us to go into more detail. Here we have one of the biggest gangsters and criminal figures in the world and all we can find is the remnants of night out with the boys? Tragic.


The Games That Should Not Be Named: How could the list be complete without a little Buffalo Bills history? How about the ultimate letdown of Bills history Superbowl 26, 27, and 28 (we didn't include 25 to add to our shame cause that Superbowl was actually a decent game). Superbowl 26, 27, 28 were just consecutive fails that still affect fans today. Heck, I still get  reminders about how bad the Bills suck from my out of town friends who were 4-years-old at the time of the game. When I tell them that next year's looking a little better all they need to do is give me a look that screams your team lost four Superbowls in a row. Talk about bad luck.

To add to our pity party here's a clip of the moment that could have ruined Bill's fans morale forever: the field goal at the end of Superbowl XXV. Look at the Giants rejoice, that could have been us.


We'll refrain from inserting a dumb blond joke here just like this host  announced the wrong winner for the title Australia's Next Top Model and had to correct herself on air. The first model already gave her acceptance speech before the crowd awkwardly claps after the real winner is announced. The models handed it well.



Our last television disappointment was so disappointing we couldn't even find footage of the live event. Apparently, we vaguely remember a box being uncovered at the Titanic site which only revealed a few plates.

Let's just hope that Nik Wallenda shows up on Friday.