The '90s had some of the best bands ever.

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP and Smashing Pumpkins are just four that made that decade so special.

But the '90s also had some real stinkers in the world of music.

Here's Jack's Top 5 Bands From The '90s...That Stink (and yes, we play all of them!):

5. Sugar Ray (We just want lead singer Mark McGrath to "Fly" out of here and host Inside Edition, or Extra, or...).

4. Proclaimers (We would walk 500 miles to get that video out of our head).

3. Smash Mouth (Everything went south after they did music for Shrek).

2. Chumbawamba (They get knocked down, but they don't get back up again -- but they get the last laugh, as this band still sells tickets in the U.K. Wow!).

1. Semisonic (The critics said they would last, but the public said it was "Closing Time" on their career, making them the ultimate '90s one-hit wonder).