I am a die-hard Sabres fan, but I still remember being parked next to my radio on a cold, winter night in 1982 hoping that Wayne Gretzky would set the NHL single-season goal record in Buffalo. He did, scoring his 76th goal against Don Edwards. He also scored 77 and 78 that night. Gretzky would finish the season with an NHL record 92 goals, that still stands today. No one has come close to Gretzky since. That's the thing about Gretzky, some of his records are so amazing that they will likely never be beat (50 goals in 39 games, are you kidding me!). If you grew up watching hockey in the 80's, there's no doubt that this was the Gretzky era. Today,Wayne Gretzky turned 50 , and no disrespect to Sid the Kid or Ovie, but there will never be a player as good as him. He will always be the great one.