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    Did Heart Upstage Def Leppard at Darien Lake?

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    Something’s Fishy Here

    Let’s first judge a book by its cover, shall we? They are ugly. Super ugly. And scary looking. If you’re from Buffalo, you’ve probably seen those super-huge and disgusting centipedes roaming around your basement. Don’t they bear a striking resemblance to anchovies? Would you eat that centipede? I don’t think so.

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    5 Amazing Places for Late Night Eats in Buffalo

    We’ve all been there, it’s after midnight and maybe you’ve had a couple (too many) adult beverages…Then it hits you, hunger. Luckily we live in one of the best cities in the country for foodies late at night (trust me, I’ve gone drinking and eating in every major US city). Here are my Top 5 Best Places for Late Night Food in The Queen City.

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    Buffalo Sabres Locker Room Tour [PHOTOS]

    If the attention to detail wasn’t enough, the way that the design incorporates the history with the future just blows you away. Before the tour, everyone was talking about the fireplace (awesome) and the logo that you must never walk across on the locker room floor (more on that later). But there was so much more to these spaces. Spaces that most will never see. (Ted Black did say, however, that they are hoping to open up the areas for a public tour. Stay tuned on that.) Everywhere you looked, there was something. Maybe it was small. Like the blue backlit area in the lounge. Or maybe it was staring you in the face, like the words carefully picked for the locker room: “Belief. Commitment. Character. Discipline. Trust. Excellence.”

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    Brian Wilson: Your Beard is Weird [VIDEO]

    Brian decided to grow out his beard during the 2010 baseball season and not shave until the Giants were eliminated from the postseason. The problem is that the Giants were not eliminated. Now were a few weeks into the 2011 season and Brian still has not shaved his weird beard off. Can you imagine what his beard will look like next season if the Giants Repeat as world champions?

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    Noureen DeWulf’s Huge Rock [PHOTOS]

    Last week Ryan Miller’s Fiancee, Noureen DeWulf , shared a picture of her left hand touting the color of her nails on Plixi.com.

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    Creepy Easter Bunnies

    If you're heading out to Easter Brunch this weekend, beware of the Creepy Easter Bunny. This icon of the holiday sometimes backfires in the eye's of a child,

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    Charlie Sheen’s New Rehab Venue

    As you know, Charlie Sheen checked into rehab after some wild partying that involved porn stars, drugs and a trip to the hospital. But now, the “Two and a Half Men” star is reportedly doing rehab at home.

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    Taylor Swift Gives Fans “Free Show” In Latest Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO]

    Poor Taylor Swift was just… warming up the St. Louis Missouri crowd with “You Belong To Me” when the malfunction took place. Swift being the professional, giggled it off, fixed herself and kept performing. Check it out!

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    Borders Employees Diss Customers in Hilarious Farewell Note

    Borders bookstores will shut their doors forever at the end of this month, and in a final kiss-off to those who patronized the once-popular chain, employees at one of Borders’ franchises hung in their display window a bitter note which listed all the things customers had done to piss them off over the years.

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