Let’s be honest: There’s nothing more attractive than an athletic man. That's why women fall for hockey players who are missing teeth or football players who’ve been hit in the head a few too many times. Add an international twist to the athletes (who doesn't love the mystique of a foreign man?), and the attractiveness goes through the roof.

Lucky for us, ladies, the Olympics are here for the next two weeks, bringing plenty of muscular eye candy. I sized up the competition during the Opening Ceremony, researched the most attractive nations – what better way to inspire international friendship? -- and came up with a list of the top hotties from around the globe.

  • Ryan Lochte

    Country: USA

    Sport: Swimming

    Age: 27

    Ryan Lochte, Facebook
  • Camille Lacourt

    Country: France

    Sport: Swimming

    Age: 27

    Camille Lacourt, Facebook
  • Ashley McKenzie

    Country: Great Britain

    Sport: Judo

    Age: 23

    Ashley McKenzie, Facebook
  • Novak Djokovic

    Country: Serbia

    Sport: Tennis

    Age: 25

    Novak Djokovic, Facebook
  • Andreas Thorkildsen

    Country: Norway

    Sport: Javelin

    Age: 30

    Andreas Thorkildsen, Facebook
  • Adam van Koeverden

    Country: Canada

    Sport: Kayak

    Age: 30

    Adam van Koeverden, Facebook
  • Richard Petherick

    Country: New Zealand

    Sport: Field Hockey

    Age: 26

    Phil Walter, Getty Images
  • Hans van Alphen

    Country: Belgium

    Sport: Decathalon

    Age: 30

    Mark Dadswell, Getty Images
  • Clemente Russo

    Country: Italy

    Sport: Boxing

    Age: 30

    Clemente Russo, Facebook
  • Danell Leyva

    Country: USA

    Sport: Gymnastics

    Age: 20

    Danell Leyva, Facebook