She twerks. Should I twerk? Should we twerk?

The word "twerk" has been tweeted 4.7 million times in the last 30 days, according to social analytics site Topsy. The dance phenomenon has been viral in the underground/urban scene for a while now, but it wasn't until Miley Cyrus showed us her peculiar take on the shake that it really went mainstream.

The consensus on twerking is pretty much split. Both the urban and mainstream scene seem to have a love/hate relationship with it, but for many different reasons. Some like Miley's change because they believe it's her genuinely expressing herself, while others think that she's just appropriating black culture and doesn't have much of a rump to shake anyway. A lot of people believe twerking is a trashy dance altogether.

Twerking has existed for a LONG long time now, despite what those who've just gotten on the bandwagon might say (News flash: Miley and Diplo did not invent the twerk). Rappers have had women shaking their rumps for decades, and today you'll catch pop stars and, yes, even grandmas poppin' it for the Internet.

The real question is whether or not it's okay for the regular person to do it, or more specifically, who should/shouldn't do it.

I say the term twerking is overrated. People have been percolating, rump shaking and booty popping FOREVER -- there's just a blanket term for it now, along with a face (what's left of Hannah Montana). But with knowledge comes power, and ladies, if you've got the equipment to twerk like nobody's business, go for it.

However, for the rest of us who weren't so well endowed, just dance without having to put the pressure on yourself. I was recently at a party, and during the usual "dance circle" one woman with an hourglass figure started dancing, and some younger girls began throwing the word "twerk" into the mix. Unfortunately, the brave soul who followed her up started trying to mimic the moves and was left looking ridiculous.

If you feel like dancing, DANCE. If this includes you moving your hips and the booty you were born with, GO FOR IT. But don't limit yourself to twerking. There are plenty of ways you can get down without having to feel down.

New York Post

If you find yourself having to read instructions on twerking, don't do it. Most of these little DIYs on twerking are extremely inaccurate (and written by men for some reason -- we see you Gregory Miller). Just do what ever you feel like doing.

Dancing is an expression of who you are. The "twerk" is slowly but surely becoming the new Macarena, so avoid any type of embarrassment unless you simply just feel like dropping down and getting your eagle on.

Trust us. It's much easier to just be you.

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