When it comes to my teams, I try not to hate. But this was supposed to be our year and the Sabres are looking like a bunch of peewee players.

I realize that we normally say, “This is our year.” But, when we say it for the Sabres, I feel like we mean it. (Not like when we say it for the Bills.) With Terry Pegula at the helm, we just had that feeling. We couldn’t wait for the season to begin. We were excited to learn that the last few teams that opened their season overseas won the Cup. It’s destiny!

Then we sh*t the bed.

The Sabres have to be sandbagging. They HAVE to be. There is no way they are as bad as they’ve been playing.

Whether they’re trying to get a shakeup behind the bench or on the bench, I think it’s time to listen. Mr. Pegula, please do something. It may already be too late, so please, don’t delay.