By now you’re all (hopefully) coming out of your food comas and are in the full holiday spirit. After all, isn’t Thanksgiving just a big meal to get you ready to exert all your energy on Christmas? It’s like eating spaghetti before a marathon.

And a big meal is needed, since the Black Friday sales have been trickling away from just one day to several days. It’s exhausting to think of the deals I could be missing right now!

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Pre-Black Friday? How can I keep up? My house looks like it’s carpeted in store circulars. It doesn’t help that my very own Christmas list is chock-full of uber pricy items – an $800 camera, a Blu-ray home theater, a new iPod… (feel sorry for my husband yet? Don’t. He has an equally “spendy” list.) Plus, I probably should shop for someone other than myself.

With the ever-expanding days of sales and the need to help out a struggling economy, I’m going to need to ask for a second job for Christmas. Or a winning lottery ticket. The stores are taking advantage of us and there’s nothing we can do about it. Except not shop.

We should all consider saying “no” and taking a stand against these retailers.

I will, as soon as I purchase a TV that I have no need for, but the price is just too good to pass up.