If you’re a foodie – or a beerie – it’s one of the best times to be in Buffalo. The Taste of Buffalo, while packed with hot, sweaty, hungry Buffalonians, is still the place to be this weekend. Food stands as far as the eye can see, each offering their own delicious mini menu of yummy goodness, gives you an excuse to be a glutton. You can counteract all the calories you’re gorging on with the constant stream of sweat, copious amounts of walking and crowd fighting you have to endure. (Tip: pushing your way to the front of the line burns more calories than waiting patiently.)

And if that’s not enough, you have the option of visiting the Queen of Heaven Carnival in West Seneca. Jumbo beers, rides, fried dough? Yes, yes and yes please. Those Catholics sure know how to party.

Whoever said Buffalo sucks surely was never visiting during the second weekend of July.

Two important things to remember this weekend are elastic waistband shorts and antacids. Enjoy!