This Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the Western New York Diversity Job Fair

Whether you are looking for a job or are unhappy with your current job, there will be an incredible list of prospective employers at the job fair.

So here are some tips for Tuesday:

Be prepared - Bring the following: a pen, note pad and stack of resumes. You should also bring a portfolio or carryall that has easily accessible storage areas.

Your resume should be scannable, short and professional - Use white paper that is free of graphics, photographs or fancy print styles, but also containing larger margins for interviewer notes.

Arrive early - Avoid having to stand in long lines, give yourself time to survey the layout of the fair, and determine the order that you plan to visit with company representatives. Large companies with high profiles will have the longest lines, so if some are on your list, you should visit them first.

Be prepared to assertively introduce yourself - Give your best handshake, showing enthusiasm and making eye contact with the interviewer. Be concise, polite and direct, as you only have brief period of time to obtain the information that you need and to make an impression.

Recruiters will want you to be prepared to talk about your career objectives - Strengths, willingness to relocate, interests, relevant skills, the kind of job you are looking for, why you want to work for their organization, and why you would be an asset. Be prepared to answer commonly asked questions and tailor them to the company’s needs.