It is not normal for Legislature to approve something that is called death-defying or crazy, but the OK was given Wednesday permitting one of the Flying Wallendas, a famous group of tight-rope walkers, permission to tryin to cross the falls on a tight-rope.

Over 150 years ago, the "Great Blondin" was the first to walk across the Falls on a tightwire. Now,  Nik Wallenda has gotten legislative approval to to try the stunt himself. This legislature goes over the state's long running ban of anyone pulling any kind of stunts at Niagara Falls.

The Senate passed to bill last week and it was approved Wednesday by the Assembly.  Wallenda's permit is good for one year. However, he has been working on a new show for the discovery channel called "Life on a Wire" which he's doing this Fall.

There are afew protestors to this act, but we don't long as he makes it accross.