One of the greatest Albums of all time was released on this day in 1967, The Beatles landmark album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. It was groundbreaking and influential, and continued the Beatles evolution from pop icons to serious album rockers. The Beatles evolution has always amazed me and is on par with Justin Bieber suddenly releasing an alternative album.

With the Beatles no longer touring, producer George Martin began crafting the "wall of sound" that has become synonymous with the band and led them in a much more experimental direction.It helped that the Beatles had entered the age of psychedelia and embraced the Dalai Lama and counterculture influences.It brought us 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' which many believed was a code for LSD. John Lennon always insisted that the song was written after his then three-year-old son Julian came home from school with a crayon drawing of a schoolmate. When Lennon asked him what the picture was of, Julian answered, "Lucy in the sky with diamonds." Sgt. Peppers may have also been rock's first concept album following the fictional Sgt. Pepper's and the Lonely Heart Clubs Band and featured Dr. John on the track.

It's one of those rare albums, that you can listen to front to back and not hear a bad song (and what a classic Album cover). I first listened to the album as a 7 year old, and remember sitting in front of the record player listening to "The Benefit of Mr. Kite" and "A Day in the Life", looking at the lyrics and imagining the story, even though I had no idea what Albert Hall was. So I pulled out my ipod today to get a fresh listen and I got to admit it's getting better.