Sports fan or not, you’re probably aware that Buffalo teams have some of the most devoted fans in America. Now one memorable Bills fan may make it to ESPN’s Hall Of Fans. But only with your help.

Bart Upchurch grew up a Bills fan. Nothing unusual there, except he grew up in North Carolina. Five years ago, Upchurch’s car was struck by a drunk driver. The injuries from the crash left him in a coma for a full month. When he finally woke up, he had suffered moderate memory loss. While he was hospitalized, Bart’s brother frequently visited him wearing a shirt with the Bills logo. Seeing the charging buffalo somehow started to bring Bart’s memory back.

Upchurch’s doctors suggested that more of his family and friends wear Bills merchandise when they visited. He and his doctors credit the return of his memory to seeing the Bills logo again and again. Feeling that he had been given a second chance in life, Upchurch decided to move to our area, putting himself closer to his favorite team.

Enter ESPN, which decided to celebrate those who follow a team in a special way by creating what they call The Hall Of Fans. Upchurch was nominated to the celebration of sports, and made it to the list of ten finalists. Upchurch supporters can vote here once a day until the end of the month. In September, ESPN will induct the fans with the three highest vote totals into the first Hall Of Fans.

Our city’s reputation as a “sports town” is on the line. So, please vote, and often!

Contributed  by Mike Riley