Jack FM's Ticket Thingy express rolls on with more free tickets to Nickelback whether you like it or not. You told us you don't want Nickelback tickets, but you lied (if you saw how many calls we got the first time we did this you'd be shocked). So it's a Nickelback Ticket Thingy, Part Deux starting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. (Nickelback is from Canada so all promotions have to be in English and French. It's the law).

Still, never really understood why so many people claim to loathe Nickelback. It's probably because they have been rock's most successful band the last 10 years. They are so mainstream and so successful it goes against the very nature of what rock purists believe a rock band should be. But no rock act has had more mega hits or sold more album since they released How You Remind Me in 2001. They have also sold millions of concert tickets. So fess up, you kinda like Nickelback too.

Oh, YOU don't ... Nickelback sucks you say.

Okay, we'll see if you call tomorrow when we give away tickets to Nickelback and Bush (Darien Lake on July 17). We start at 9 a.m. and have tickets every hour until 5 p.m.

"Yeah, I'll call but I was just calling cause I want to see Bush," you say.

Yeah. Whatever. Put on your Nickelback t-shirt and wear it proud. Then call Jack FM to win tickets. We'll pick a random caller every hour.

It's not that bad if you like Nickelback. Could be worse. You could like Justin Beiber.