Three theifs in Hyannis, Massachusetts didn't get the kind of dough they were looking for while robbing a 'Dunkin Donuts' chain.

Three guys looking to make some quick cash fled after stealing a bag of doughnuts they  thought was filled with a bunch of money.

The three men were all armed with weapons. When one of the store's employees held up a brown paper bag, one of the theifs took it and took off, thinking it was filled with cash.

Unfortunately for the robbers, they didn't take the half of a second needed to look to see what was in the bag. They later found out that instead of cash, the bag was filled with an assortment of some of the tastiest doughnuts around.

Police ended up catching the criminals the next day. One can't help but wonder if it was a few jelly doughnuts that slowed the criminals down and allowed them to get caught.