This may be old news to you, but I haven’t had television in months (and what a long period of time it’s been!). My husband fired up our TV for the first time since April and landed on a show called “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.” Now, in his defense, he was searching the guide and in no way watching the show, but from the other room, I heard what was going on. Holy crap, it was the worst thing ever.

Basically, you go on national television to make a total ass of yourself. The woman we saw seemed excited enough about karaoking in front of the entire nation. She chose her first song to sing. I think it was Stevie Wonder. She started belting it out. She was awful. Really awful.

I guess this is where I need to point out that if there’s a karaoke machine within a 20-mile radius, I will seek it out and never let go of the microphone. And I’m not good. Dogs howl, babies cry for their mothers. I’m terrible. But I would totally do it for money. Not so sure I would do it on national television though.

So back to the show. To make matters worse, they cut off the music and the lyrics, causing the participants to sing a cappella for a short period of time (eep). From there, they must speak (thankfully) the next line of the song or they don’t win $1,000. (I didn’t watch the entire show, but the cash prizes did not seem substantial.)

Sounds titillating, doesn’t it?