The weather is getting colder now and since we do live in Buffalo that does mean we have …(hate to say this word but)….snow right around the corner.  That doesn’t mean you have to sit instead all winter long!  Come on we are use to this cold weather by now!  Don’t let it stop you from having fun!

I love theater!  Any musical or play I love going to see!  Thankfully I do have an incredibly boyfriend that will tolerate sitting through the musical with me as well as wonderful friends that love them just as much as me!  This musical I feel like everyone, guy and girl is going to love it!  Seriously who doesn’t love watching a giant plant that feeds on human flesh and blood?  Oh yeah you read that right.  If you have never seen Little Shop of Horrors you’re missing out!  I love this one!  It’s about a young florist’s assistant who cultivates a plant that actually feeds on human flesh and blood!  The plant sings even.  It’s hysterical.  Lucky for me and you N.C.C.C is presenting this play.  It’s open to the Public and all are encouraged to attend.  The musical kicks off on Thursday and runs until the 20th.  Everyday but Sunday the show time is at 8pm and then on Sunday the showings start at 2pm.  The ticket price is very reasonable too.  General admission is just $8, seniors and Alumni is $5, Children 12 and under are $3 and for NCCC Staff and Student it’s free!  Tickets can be purchased at the door or online. 

Another favorite of mine is the Buffalo ComedySportz.  This event will have everyone in the family rolling on the floors laughing!  Comedy Sports is this Improv comedy show that they set up as a sport.  Remember that show whose line is it anyways with Drew Carey.  It’s just like that but even funnier!  There is 2 teams that compete for the biggest laugh while a referee calls the fouls.  They even get suggestions from the audience so you know this isn’t scripted.  These actors are great!  Think about it, if they are getting suggestions from you the audience on what they should do next nothing can be pre-planned or scripted so these actors have to be witty and quick on their feet to make you laugh!  I have to say my stomach hurt from laughing so much when I left!  Take the kids too!  Everything they do there is clean.  If it’s not you’ll get what they call a Brown Bag Foul and you’ll end up wearing an actual paper bag over your head.  The Buffalo ComedySportz takes place in the Arena on Main Street in Amherst on Friday and Saturday nights.