The worst road that I have driven in a long time is in southern Erie County in Western New York. It's one that has gotten some press but never seems to get fixed.

Springville-Boston Rd is by far the worst road I have driven down in a long time. I really feel bad for those residents that have to commute on such a mangled mess of highway as this on a daily basis. It's a road that has gotten some press over the past few years with County Legislators calling on officials to fix the problem.

As a matter of fact, Chairman John Mills (Erie County Legislator) wrote a letter to the County Executive calling on the repairs to be done this year.

John Mills Letter to Erie County

Here is the complete letter in PDF Form (Boston State Road)

My wife shot this video while I was driving and although it may not fully show the dangers and awful condition of the road, my commentary sums it up.

True, there are other roads in the southern Erie County corridor that are almost as bad. Route 240 south of Genesee Rd is getting rough as well as Genesee Rd itself between Route 219 and Rt 75.

In the Town of Hamburg, Lakeview Rd between Route 62 and Route 20 is equally as bad and continues to get worse.

The problem along much of these roads is that the potholes and craters stretch across the road. Trying to avoid them is impossible and it really does pose danger for those drivers that try to swerve to avoid them.

There is no way you could own a nice vehicle and expect to use it on these roads without risking some sort of damage to the suspension, tires and rims or body of the vehicle from all of the gravel that is left behind when the patch work gets crumbled.


Springville-Boston Rd

The cold patch and quick fix that is being done is simply not cutting it any longer. Many of these roads should have signs that indicate either rough road or travel at your own risk. As a taxpayer in Erie County, it's maddening trying to navigate these roads. And the same old excuses about budgets and priority are getting hard to buy any longer.

Boston State Road

Officials in Erie County that don't make it out of the city or suburbs should take a ride down these roads and see for themselves what deplorable condition they are in. These roads need major work/reconstruction and not a patch. This road in particular is beyond annoying to drive on, it's become dangerous.