Gas prices are utterly crazy!

Last week, the average cost of gasoline in the United States was $3.84. In places like Los Angeles, the price has jumped to $4.23 a gallon. Here in Western New York the average gas price is $3.96.  These increases are correlated to conflicts in Middle Eastern oil-producing nations.

These costs might feel like an all-time high, but that's nothing compared to other places around the world. According to a November 2010 study by German research firm GTZ, some countries are paying as much as $9 a gallon.

At $7.08 a gallon, it might be worth leaving the Vespa in the garage and walking to get your espresso in Italy. In France, it's probably better to ride your bike to the fromagerie - it'll cost $7.49 per gallon to fuel your Peugeot.

If that makes you ill, just wait until you hear how much gas costs in Eritrea. And we've never even heard of Eritrea. Due to restrictions and frequent gas shortages, a gallon will cost $9.61, more than anywhere else in the world. That's $127 to fill up your Honda Civic.