If you're looking for a dessert recipe, you've come to the wrong place. A turk-cake is not one of those (sorta creepy) turkey-shaped cakes you bring out at the end of a Thanksgiving meal. A turk-cake is the Thanksgiving meal!

That's right: A turk-cake is all the best parts of Thanksgiving -- turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes -- layered together, coated in more mashed potatoes, drizzled with cranberry sauce and served with a side of gravy.

Laura, the morning DJ on one of our sister stations (yes, the one that's already playing Christmas music, but her turk-cake was so delicious that we won't hold that against her!), brought this monstrosity of deliciousness into our dumpy little studio this morning. It may have been 10 a.m., but that didn't stop us from indulging.

Check out her how-to video, and don't forget to keep the gravy nearby!