Add Fleetwood Mac to the long list of rock veterans who will be back on the road next year, proving once again that classic rock may never die. The band last toured three years ago (playing a show in Rochester, not Buffalo – so we can only hope) and is gearing up for a new tour early in 2013.

"We go into rehearsals somewhere around the end of February. So . . . if everything goes to plan, we should probably be out (on the road) by end of April (or) May, I would think," Lead songstress Stevie Nicks told ABC News.

Nicks had a longtime relationship with guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, but the two called it quits around the time the band recorded the classic 'Rumours' album. In fact, the heartache within the band (Christine McVie divorced bandmate John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood divorced his wife at the time) is said to have added to its greatness. Even though Buckingham once said they could never be friends again, the two have managed to reconnect as friends.  Good thing, too, because Fleetwood Mac together is good for everybody, including the fans.

Even more exciting is news that the band intends on recording together for the first time since 2003.

"Well, actually, maybe like two songs, maybe four, who knows? We don't really know yet 'cause we're not in the world of Fleetwood Mac yet," Nicks added.

Nicks made news recently saying she would have strangled Nicki Minaj if she were Mariah Carey. Minaj berated the diva publically during a taping of American Idol. Nicks quickly apologized for the comment.