Mad Men, the best show ever produced on Television about advertising executives?

JACK FM thinks not.

Sure, Don Draper has the high powered job, a beautiful ex-wife and a beautiful soon to be ex wife.

He even drives a Cadillac, smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.

But does he have a Witch for a soul mate?

Yes, the greatest advertising man to ever grace the boob tube is none other than Darrin Stephens from Bewitched.

Played by two different actors with the same first name (Dick York and Dick Sargent) over the run of the series (1964-1972), Darin was always getting the deal done for Boss Larry Tate (David White) and having a few cocktails himself.

So, move over Don Draper, there's a new Mad Man in town and his name is Darrin.