I've been wanting to stop into the Whistle Pig in Niagara Falls for some time now and check out the food (I'm a fast food junkie).  The exterior of the Whistle Pig is very inviting which gave me hope that the interior would be just as nice and the food even better.

As I entered I thought wow, this place is really nice.  Very bright and inviting and about the cleanest restaurant I've ever seen.  The staff was very friendly and polite and actually gave me the impression they were glad I was there.

No on to the food. 

I ordered a burger with lettuce, tomato, and ketchup.  I also ordered a foot long hot dog with relish, onions, ketchup and musterd, an order of straight cut fries and a medium fountain drink (I don't normally eat this much for lunch).

When my food arrived it looked like the person who prepared it actually took pride in their work.  The burger was neatly assembled and wrapped, the hot dog had just the right amount of toppings and there were just enough fries that they were not falling out of their package and littering the tray.  When I went to fill my cup at the soda fountain the area was clean, no trash laying about and the floor was not sticky like most chain restaurants.

And now for the deal breaker in my book, the bathroom.  When I go to a restaurant and their bathroom is disgusting I will most likely avoid that restaurant in the future.  No such problem at the Whistle Pig.  The bathroom was as clean as could be, not even a little dirty. 

In my book the New Whistle Pig gets 

Want to try it out for yourself?  The Whistle Pig is located at
7001 Packard Rd., Niagara Falls, NY 14304