In what will probably go down in history as the worst kept Apple secret ever, word has leaked out that TOMORROW January 11th, Verizon Wireless will be holding a press event to announce that after 4 long years of waiting, customers on the Nation's largest wireless network will at long last be able to purchase an APPLE iPHONE! Here's a rundown of what you should know about the pending release:

  • Speculation says the phone won't be available for purchase tomorrow but Verizonites should be able to start lining up at their local stores sometime in late January
  • Verizon will be getting the iPhone 4. This is EXACT same hardware as the iPhone 4 currently available to AT&T customers with the exception of the CDMA antenna
  • No word yet on the pricing of the device but you have to imagine Verizon will be incentivizing it at or below the current AT&T prices ($199 for the 8GB & $299 for the 16GB)
  • The really interesting thing here is the timing of this phone with the initial roll out of Verizon's new "4G" ultra-high-speed wireless network. Will the iPhone have both CDMA and LTE antennas? That would certainly be a game changer for Verizon and could help them increase the number of people willing to pay AT&T's early termination fees.

    Do you plan on getting a Verizon iPhone? Will you be switching from AT&T to do so? Let us know!

    To learn more about the iPhone 4 including all the technical details visit Apple's website here