If you didn't know, I am originally from Minnesota, this is a death that hits me hard.

The first show I ever attend was P.O.D at Quest Night Club in Minneapolis which was owned by Prince at the time.

I have been to Paisley Park Records, I have walked around lake Minnetonka, I have seen countless shows at First Avenue in Minneapolis a club the Prince owned and filmed portions of Purple Rain in. Needless to say Prince was a huge icon in my childhood and my Minnesota heritage. You all the the high regard that Western New York held Rick James in, that is how I feel about the passing of Prince Rodgers Nelson.

Never had the chance to meet him in person but I know that would have been a grand adventure as his humble soul and good will were all this world needed.

You might not all have the connection to this icon the way that I do, but the sounds of Prince have changed the music industry and lives around the world forever no matter how you slice it. Here are my top 10 favorite Prince songs. (My personal list not just the massive popular songs. We all already know the hits this is a list of my personal favorites) Let me know yours.

I Wanna Be Your Lover

Jack U Off

Bat Dance

Erotic City

Purple Rain

Diamonds and Pearls

Dirty Mind

When Doves Cry


I Would Die For You

And who could forget this Superbowl performance in the pouring rain?