I could spend hours surfing Buffalo Craigslist. You'll find everything from the useful to eccentric to downright stupid.  I found these cool items being sold and I have to say I considered contacting the seller on a few of them. 

1967 Lyman Boat with Trailer

Got to love these old wooden boats and if this photo is accurate this one appears to be in really good shape. They don't build them like this anymore.

Unique Go Kart

This unusual looking Go Kart  reminds me of a vintage sports car. It's a bit on the rough side but a little paint and it won't be half bad..

Carousel Horse

Look at this beauty. This is a 1905 Dentzel Carousel Horse and you can be pretty sure not many people have one of these. This is a collectors item as can be seen by the price.

Antique National Cash Register

This old cash register reminds me of the one my father's uncle had in his store. Look at the detail and the beautiful wood finish on it.

Bradley GT Fiberglass Kit Car

Car enthusiast will love this kit car. If you've ever wanted a unique set of wheels that nobody else has then checkout this Bradley GT.