There's a push in Utah to remove the Catch-Me-Kitty toy off store shelves because a mother believes the doll is singing "rape me!"

Kayla McCune is leading the charge to remove the toy because she claims the recorded song of "chase me, race me, you'll have fun" sounds more like "chase me, rape me..." McCune explained, "I opened it and let my daughter play with it and about two times after we put it on, I noticed it was saying, 'Chase me, rape me.' I had to turn it off and back on a couple times for it to register, that a kid toy was actually saying that."

She added that she wanted the toy removed from shelves so little kids aren't singing this song thinking it's funny. McCune claims the company hasn't listened to her complaints. It's manufactured by V-Tech and reviews on Amazon confirm some of the purchaser's horror. You can watch the video of the dirty kitty below and tell us what you think it's singing.