Didn't the Buffalo Bills just get new uniforms? I swear they only get new uniforms to bolster jersey sales and make be buy the latest edition of Madden Football. Turns out every team is getting a new look thanks to the NFL's deal with Nike. I hear the Bills new jerseys aren't nearly as slick as the Seahawks, at least that's what all the aspiring Mr. Blackwell's on twitter keep saying.

Well, it's a new era for the Bills with the signing of Mario Williams, so it's fitting that the Bills get new fitted jerseys. Not much has changed except for that signature Nike swoosh and a sleeker, lighter weight material that the players say is more "breathable", and Nike says is stronger. Biggest difference is the abscense of Red, White and Blue on the neckline because the wire-like threading that strengthens the jersey can only be manufactured in one color. Nike says the new jerseys will amplify speed. Bottom line: this is a marketing decision to amplify merchandise sales and extend the Nike Brand. But you know damn well, we're going to buy them anyway.

Earlier this week Western New York's New Era Cap Company became the official cap provider for the NFL, now the new jerseys. Looks like football fanatics in Buffalo will have lots of new merchandise to choose from. You can check out all the other NFL jerseys on Nike's Facebook page. The new Bills merchandise goes on web presale April 15 and will be available in the Bills Store on April 26 (so now you know what to waste your tax return money on).

What do you think of the Bills new look?