Whenever I'm hungry I crave the bad food. The difference between me and a healthy person is when the urge comes to chow down on a chicken wing or a bag of chips, I go with the urge rather than work it off by running or something.

Well, like most days, I was roaming around looking for something so good yet so bad and I drove by Nick Charlaps which used to be just Antoinette's.  I figured, ice cream has milk in it which is healthy so let's eat dinner here. The store's divided into two sides of heaven: chocolate from the  Antoinette's side of the store and ice cream for Nick Charlaps. Their speciality sundaes can be mixed and matched with different flavors and toppings. Each one cost about $6 to $7 and could replace a meal, they're just that big. I ordered a traditional chocolate sundae with huge chunks of Antoinette's chocolate on top. It was perfection in a bowl. Out of all the other ice cream places I've been to in Buffalo, this one tops the rest and is a must-eat attraction ... for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It's located at 7264 Boston State Rd., Hamburg, NY 14075 (716) 312-0592